Fundraising Opportunity


Raising money for a cause can be a stressful experience.  Budgets are always a consideration when fundraising and it is easy to overspend, which can cut into the profitability of your event.

Why not host a putt-putt golf fundraiser at The Bedford Inn?  Players will pay for admission at regular price and we will split the proceeds with you (80/20) at the end of the day.  We provide the balls and putters for the event so it is at virtually no cost to you or your organization.  You may also choose to sell your own t-shirts, concessions, or snacks to attendees from the gazebo area for opportunities to make even more money for your cause. 

Contact Nicki at The Bedford Inn if you would like to make a reservation to host a fundraiser.  Please note that all fundraising events must be pre-approved by management to ensure availability.





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